The Perfect Place For a Leisurely Lunch, Or a Memorable Evening Out

A local Italian restaurant, Sarducci’s Restaurant creates an unforgettable place for residents and tourists passing through Central Vermont to taste authentic Italian creations. Although there are a variety of qualities that contribute to the overall ambiance, come see for yourself and create your own memorable experience.

Sarducci’s Restaurant Outdoors

Sarducci’s Restaurant

The Best Location in Town

Perched neatly on the banks of the Winooski River, Sarducci’s Restaurant has become a landmark feature of the State Capital, and a favorite dining spot for local Vermonters and visitors alike.

Sarducci’s Restaurant

Dining on the Deck

On a warm summer Vermont evening, there’s nothing that beats sitting on the deck at Sarducci’s Restaurant. Breathe in the fresh air and gaze upon the gleaming Winooski River as it rolls by. Marvel at the sight with a glass of white wine in your hand and a plate of fettuccine beside you. The hot air mixed with the intoxicating aromas of the food will put your mind in an Italian daydream

Sarducci’s Restaurant

The Best of All Worlds

Settled at the entrance of Montpelier, and overlooking the Winooski River, Sarducci’s offers a unique combination of beautiful historic scenery, a southern exposure, and a few steps away from the downtown state capital.

Sarducci’s Restaurant

Sarducci’s Restaurant was an Old Grain Warehouse?

Thoughtful renovation, historic architecture and inspired detail work makes Sarducci’s Restaurant a long way from its humble beginning, a railway grain storage building. Today the expansive warehouse provides an inviting atmosphere to dine in.

Sarducci’s Restaurant

It’s About the Food

The architecture and scenic atmosphere can only showcase the real value of Sarducci’s impeccable menu. The wood-fired stone oven only contributes to the continuous investment the Sarducci’s team makes in their extraordinary culinary creations.

Sarducci’s Restaurant

It’s All About Simplicity

In the best tradition of the artisan restaurants of Europe, Sarducci’s is guided by some very simple ideas. No gimmicks, no frills, just great food, fine wine, all while you’re serenaded by soft music in the background, and presented with a wonderfully enthusiastic attention to service.

Sarducci’s Restaurant

Full Service

Whether it is a trendy dinner cocktail, a locally made dark beer, Champaign for a special occasion, or a favorite red wine, Sarducci’s has a drink to satisfy every taste. With new vintage selections being added all the time, you’ll find delightful, and affordable surprises on the wine list.

Sarducci’s Restaurant

A Favorite of State Legislators

With the Vermont State House only a short walk away, Sarducci’s has become a favored meeting place for legislators who want to step out for a private meeting over lunch. You never know, you might just find yourself sitting next to Vermont’s governor.

Sarducci’s Restaurant

Small Town, Big Appetite

While it is the smallest state capital in the US, Montpelier, VT boasts some of the best eateries anywhere. The city has become a reliable dining destination for restaurant seekers all around the region. But after all is said and done, Sarducci’s consistently stands out as the favorite place to eat.

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